Animation And The Entrepreneur

From: Lizard Fire Studios
Published: Fri Feb 10 2006

Animation has been successfully used to fund a new product from the World Showerball Corporation. An entrepreneur needs investors. Investors want a product that clearly solves a problem. What tool supports both goals? Animation. The investor can see what the entrepreneur has developed, and how it works. Customers can see the product solving a specific problem.

Often the entrepreneur has to dazzle investors before the device even exists. Animation is able to show the final device in an impressive context. Special effects catch the eye. Voice track and music create a mood. All this requires the entrepreneur to select an experienced animator to create a realistic, virtual model of the product and to present it with impact and market appeal. Finding the right animator is the key decision.

What considerations are important?
1) Does the animator's portfolio show artwork that matches the product in both quality and style?
2) Does the project need an animator with technical experience in the field? Ask for examples.
3) Are the two parties awake at the same time? Do you need face to face or phone contact?
4) Will the animator work closely with the client during development? Is the animator open to feedback?
5) Can the animator work with the client's data? Agree on formats for delivery in both directions.
6) Is the animator's portfolio wide and deep? Look for related experience beyond the immediate need.
7) Finally, will the two parties work well together? On first contact, evaluate the ease of communication.

A perfect example is the ShowerBall ( ) This product sells itself once the user understands what it does. The 100 second movie shows operation, installation and associated products without boring the audience. The clip was used during investor negotiations and, in the near future, will be a major component of the marketing campaign. And the clip existed before the product.

Paul O'Brien, CEO of the World Showerball Corporation ( ), says, "This animation helped convince more than one investor we had a winner. We are very proud of the presentation. It will be used on high definition screens in the retail markets."

An entrepreneur would do well to find an animator who cares about mutual success as much as a paycheck. Lizard Fire Studios (, working with the World Showerball Corporation, is an example of mutual success in action.

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