Angel MedFlight Emerges As An Efficient Alternative To The Existing Emergency Medial Air Transport S

From: Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services
Published: Thu Jul 01 2010

Angel MedFlight is an effective alternative for inefficient emergency medical air transport facility. It is a very common story whereby hospitals wait for the approval of the flight benefits by the insurance companies; hospitals lose valuable time of patients that require immediate medical attention. In emergency situation, every second counts. Realizing the importance and bridging the gap between the existing level of service and the required improvement in this area, Angel MedFlight offers excellent air ambulance service.
Currently, the existing system is highly inefficient as it overloads the hospital case managers. Ultimately patients who need emergency medical care get affected. The highly efficient air medical transportation service offered by Angel MedFlight helps people who are in dire need of flight benefits at the time of injury or other serious illness.
Angel MedFlight has been offering medical flight service since 2007. This service provider is considered a leader and innovator in this industry they emerge as industry leaders with their One Touch Promise™. This company coordinates every possible aspect of medical transfer.
Through its One Touch Promise, Angel MedFlight brings to patients exceptional patient care that is highly reliable at all times. The staff in this medical flight company are carefully chosen and well trained. This service emerged as an insight from Jeremy while attending medical school. Being exposed to the field of medical transport and working as a flight paramedic, he realized that case managers have loads of details to be coordinated with each patient. Angel MedFlight is the outcome of this realization of the need for an effective medical air transport system. He has overcome most of the problems that render the existing air transfer system ineffective.
Angel MedFlight is a highly customer oriented organization that puts its commitment to its customers first before everything else. Their staff are well trained to simplify the medical air transfer process for the patients and their families.
The service of Angel MedFlight is readily appreciated by case managers across the nation. This company offers highly comprehensive service that also takes care of insurance claims. They have an entire team dedicated to deal with the insurance companies to ensure that their clients do not lose the insurance benefits entitled to them. Their medical air transfer service also includes international flight transfers.
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