All 4 Kids is a prominent baby and kids product store in Melbourne, Australia, introducing the world famous product JetKids BedBox, a kidís travel gadget.

[USPRwire, Thu Apr 05 2018] All 4 Kids is a leading seller of baby, kids and mums products across the world. The company expands its product listings with an addition of a new JetKids BedBox. Kidsí Bed Boxes are one of the most prevalent travel gadgets for children and are sold in large numbers each year. This amazing travel gadget is designed for children up to 6-7 years of age. This BedBox can be used for childís hand luggage, ride-on suitcase and bed/leg rest.

Kids usually ride through airports with a ride-on-suitcase and it is always an amusing thing for them. A child can easily pull it by himself or the parents can pull the BedBox while the child is sitting on it. During your journey, you spend most of the time in a seat, it is a hassle for parents when a child has to be seated for long hours. Children usually needs sleep when they get tired and exhausted. However, the sleeping facilities for children on board in aircraft are seldom offered.

That is why All 4 Kids has launched JetKids BedBox that can be used for multitasking be it childrenís ride on suitcase or comfortable bed/leg-rest, this BedBox is the perfect aid in travelling. A leg rest feature is well suited for children up to approximately 5-6 years and the ride on suitcase can be used when children are able to sit independently, or till they attain the age of 3 years whereas this gadget can be used for the children all the way up to approximately 7 years.

The bed/leg-rest feature is more convenient when you use it with unique and patented lid, its height and length can be adjusted according to your comfort. The BedBox also contains 360 degrees swivel wheels in the front for planned and regulated movement. A hand washable mattress included side cushions is also offered with this BedBox.

This travel gadget gives 20-litre volume storage for necessary items. BedBox can easily be turned into a bed, the installation is very simple. But it cannot be used while travelling in a taxi and during the takeoff and landing.

All 4 Kids offers a wide range of nursery furniture in the market today. They have been providing high-quality baby and kids products at affordable prices. They have outstanding customer service.
So, turn travelling into an adventure for your child with this amazing BedBox. If you want to know more about the product, feel free to reach out to their team or contact at 1300 882 061.

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