Advanced Metal Roofing is an Approved Contractor with Electric and Gas Industries Association (EGIA)

Published: Thu Apr 30 2009

Advanced Metal Roofing owner James Kenton announces their new membership in the Electric and Gas Industries Association (EGIA). In addition, they have qualified, through a careful screening and review process, as an Approved Contractor with the EGIA. Advanced Metal Roofing joined this organization to further its longstanding interests in promoting energy efficiency for home owners and energy independence for America.

Advanced Metal Roofing is a residential metal roofing companythat recently began installing the exclusive, patented MetalMan Roofing Systems as a way to provide homeowners with the highest quality roofing materials available, including Galvalume® steel and Kynar 500® paint finish. The Kynar 550® PVDF based resin, in particular, is credited with reducing home energy consumption by up to 42% as part of the complete MetalMan metal roofing system. It can achieve solar reflectance of over 70% which allows the roof surface to remain cooler, thereby transferring less heat into the home and requiring less work from air conditioning units.

In addition, the use of Galvalume® Steel and Kynar 500® paint in the MetalMan Roofing System means that homeowners are doing their part to help the environment. A MetalMan roof won't deteriorate, rust, corrode, or need replacing over a long period of time, especially as compared to an asphalt shingle roof. Plus, by reflecting solar radiation and emitting infrared energy, the roof is working to reduce air pollution as well as potential smog and urban heat islands in dense metropolitan areas.

The EGIA, according to their website, "is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions through the home improvement, appliance retailer, and renewable energy industries." James Kenton of Advanced Metal Roofing says: "Joining the EGIA is such a perfect fit for Advanced Metal Roofing. This membership supports our efforts to promote energy efficient home construction and at the same time allows us to join forces with like-minded contractors where we can draw greater awareness to energy efficient home resources. Plus, we are proud to have earned the designation of EGIA Approved Contractor."

The EGIA provides financing of home improvement and renewable energy solutions for homeowners who use EGIA Approved Contractors. This is a valuable resource in itself for anyone interested in pursuing their dream of an energy efficient, earth-friendly home.

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