Adorn Cosmetics Released Their Latest Anti-Aging Night Lotion with Jojoba, Macadamia and Watermelon

From: Adorn Cosmetics
Published: Thu Apr 06 2017

For those who love wearing make-up, yet are conscious of its toxic ingredients and harmful effects on the skin ??" the eco-luxe, cruelty-free Australian cosmetic range, Adorn Cosmetics has released a guilt-free Hydrating Luxe Mineral & Organic Cream Foundation just for you.

By keeping their products free from fillers such as Talc, Rice Powder, Clay or Itchy Bismuth, Adorn has created a toxin free, natural Cream Foundation that lets your skin breathe, whilst providing it with a protective barrier against environmental stressors and daily dirt and grime - it is actually healthier for your skin than wearing nothing at all!

This Hydrating Luxe Mineral & Organic Cream Foundation matches any delicate skin type and color: Fair, Light - Medium, Medium Tan, Medium-Olive, and Dark Tan. The Hydrating Cream Foundation is perfect for the drier, more mature skin and also for those wanting a dewy looking finish. The refined mineral and creamy texture can also serve as an eyeshadow base.

Make up is not about masking ourselves; itís about adorning our natural beauty as an extension of who we really are. Their nourishing, organic and natural formulations work in synergy with your skin, to reveal a more luminous and healthy complexion

Key Ingredients:
The key ingredients found in this latest organic makeup includes the perfect combination of Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter known for the ability to heal, serves as anti-bacterial and moisturizes any skin type. The additional blend of vitamins A & E nourishes the skin from the inside and protects against free-radicals with clear and visibly refreshing glow on the outside. Why worry about hiding the irritated red blots on your skin, when your foundation not only covers them up but heals and soothes the irritation as well?

About Adorn Cosmetics:
Adorn Cosmetics is for women who want to make ethical cosmetics choices without compromising on quality, style, or luxury.
Our cosmetics are produced in harmony with nature, to empower women to live a natural and organic more beautiful life. We want you to not only look good, but also feel good, because youíre using toxin free formulations obtained from sustainable sources that cause negative environmental impact

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