AdTel International Offers Free Emergency Toyota Recall Relief Service to All Toyota Franchised Deal

From: Ross Manley
Published: Mon Feb 01 2010

“Toyota has a huge challenge in front of it, especially in customer relationships,” says Ross Manley, Chief Operation Officer of AdTel. “The ability to automate part of the process of communicating crucial information to clients and potential buyers is important. By using mobile messaging, Toyota Dealers can quickly and effectively relay the data related to recall and future servicing.”

SMS Mobile Messaging, text messaging, is more powerful than any other communication medium. According to Mobile Marketer Daily, text communication will exceed all other forms of communication combined. That includes traditional voice, email, fax and other voice services combined.

Specifically, AdTel is offering their full automated texting service for recall related information to any Toyota Dealership. To talk with the Toyota Recall Relief Program services at AdTel, dealers simply need to call Ross Manley at 1-800-44-ADTEL or email

The Toyota Recall Relief Program from AdTel will remain available as long as the crisis demands.

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