Acme People Search, the Profitable Internet Business Income Opportunity Adds Cut Throat Technology

From: Mula Money
Published: Fri Mar 26 2010

Acme People Search, the trusted, proven and profitable internet business income opportunity, has added the cut throat technology of offline advertising, known as, television marketing which features a built in "pay per call" center at no additional cost to affiliates.

Acme People Search has designed a professional television advertisement campaign which promotes the internet business income opportunity. The television ad will direct prospects to a professionally designed website. This website will link to an affiliate id rotator, meaning, each new prospect that surfs to the website will be provided with a different Acme People Search affiliate id. This provides the opportunity of every Acme People Search affiliate, who completed Step 3, of getting new sign ups or leads.

As prospects enter the website they will have a choice of 3 (three) actions items. They can:

1. Sign up immediately and the affiliate id associated to the webpage at that time will have a new referral.
2. Request additional information by providing their name and email address. This referral will most likely feed to the APS affiliate's GVO auto responder.
3. Phone the call center and speak directly to a live person. If this action is taken, the APS affiliate will earn a lead commission, but not get the referral. Every affiliate will have a phone number. Please note the affiliate does not speak with the prospect. This is all handled by the call center.

Currently, the television advertisement will target the United States. However, this does not affect non US affiliates from the benefit. Non US affiliates will have a phone number as well and will benefit from the lead commission. They will also be part of the rotator as long as Step 3 has been completed.

And the best part of all this is there are no additional costs. It is included as part of the Step 3 charge of $29.95 per month. The only criterion is the affiliate must purchase a one year subscription to Step 3, as opposed to monthly. Well, actually, the affiliate will pay for an 11 month subscription ($329.45) and receive the 12th month FREE.

Donna Scheenloop, an Acme People Search affiliate, believes This television campaign is extremely powerful. Acme People Search is so far advanced from most affiliate programs available on the internet. My personal opinion is it is well worth paying for Step 3 upfront because it offers so much more back. This new feature provides an effective, explosive offline advertising campaign. Just imagine the magnitude of this explosive advertising.

Donna Scheenloop became more excited as she spoke about her recent research of American households and televisions. Per the AC Nielsen Company, as of September 1, 2009, there were an estimated 114.9 million television households in the United States. Per Sanchez-Tabernero, during 2009, the average American watched 28 hours of television per week. So, let's take a look at these statistics.

114.9 million American households have a television
The average number of American family members is four (4)
The average American watches 28 hours of television per week
4 people x 28 hours of television watched per week = 112 hours per family
112 hours per family x 114.9 households with televisions = 12,869 million hours of television per week
12,869 million x 52 weeks = 669,188 million or 669.2 billion hours of television watched per year in the United States

Now do you see the magnitude of Television advertising? It is truly explosive and will definitely impact my internet business income opportunity, Acme People Search, and for the better.

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