ATON Unveils Industry DIGI -5 Firsts at CEDIA as Part of Full Line of Analog and Digital Audio and V

From: ATON
Published: Sat Sep 06 2008

ATON, a premier manufacturer of high-end home audio and video signal routing and distribution products for the custom installer market, announced today that the company will show several industry firsts as well as its entire line of A/V products at CEDIA 2008. Special focuses will include the DH44 the first shipping DIGI-5 Digital Audio Router for seamless Multi-Room installs with crystal clear sound, and the company’s first HD video routing solution distributing up to four 1080p signals to four zones. The announcement was made by Bob Williams, ATON’s General Manager.

ATON’s DH44 DIGI-5 audio distribution solution is the nation’s first and one of the company’s most exciting new digital products. The DH44 exceeds the quality of existing analog over Cat 5 audio topologies by converting every signal to a digital one. By being the first to harness the DIGI-5 infrastructure introduced at last year’s CEDIA Expo, the DH44 literally splits the amplifier’s functions between the master hub and each of the system’s zones. Putting the amplifier in the listening area delivers the quality sound that customers expect. The system amplifiers are in each zone so speakers are never more than a few feet from the amplifier. Users love the resulting crystal clear sound while installers love the efficiency of design that requires only a single run of Cat 5 cable for signals and power in each zone for fast, trouble free installations.

ATON’s HDR44 HD Video Router distributes four HD video sources at up to 1080p, in tandem with digital and analog audio, to four zones over dual Cat 5 cables. Each zone utilizes a single-gang wallplate (R44WP) to output all HDR44 video and audio signals for easy access in each location. Each video source is controlled zone by zone using a single IR receiver connected to the R44WP making it easy to use with any 3rd party universal/learning remote. The HDR44 dramatically reduces the cost of routing video and audio around the home through simplified installations utilizing dual Cat 5 cables to carry HD video, analog audio and SPDIF audio to each location.

Thanks to very positive product reviews, Dealer excitement is running high on all the technology we are showing at the ATON booth, said Mr. Williams. However, our DH44 and HDR44 audio and video routers are center stage. Part of that excitement is due to the radical new thinking behind the DH44’s split” amplifier design and part is due to the sheer affordability built into both products. At last year’s CEDIA we spoke about using high technology to deliver high value and affordability, at this year’s CEDIA ATON delivers as promised!”

Product Manager David Acton says that in addition to the two new routers, the ATON team will also be showing the company’s very popular line of DLA (Dynamic Level Adjustment) analog routers. This line is the first RF and IR controlled audio router with automatic speaker level power balance for all zones, perfect for a first system or a quick system expansions. Mr. Acton noted that all demos will be driving groups of speakers from the company’s musician tuned Storm Speaker series. Unlike most speakers these are tuned for Whole House uses and perform with a punch and clarity not found in flat-tuned systems.

ATON’s DIGI-5 products are shipping now including the DH44 Digital Audio Router (MSRP $799) DH46X Expansion Router (MSRP $699), DHTP1 Digital Amplified Touchpad (MSRP $199), and the DHSIP Source Input Wallplate (MSRP $129). Also available is the HDR44 Kit (HDR44KT), which includes 1 HD Video Router (HDR44), 4 HD Receive Wallplates (R44WP), four surface-mount receivers (AIR1b) and a slimline system IR remote and is available for a MSRP of $1,899. Individual component MSRPs include the HD Video Router at $1,299, and the HD Receiver Wallplates at $199. All ATON products including the renowned Musician Tuned Storm Speaker Series and ATON’s very popular DLA (Dynamic Level Adjustment) analog audio routers will be on view at CEDIA Expo 2008 September 4th through the 7th at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado.

About ATON:
ATON products are designed using multiple control and distribution technologies to provide easy-to-install systems that route, control and deliver audio and video content throughout the home. The company’s core technologies include Dynamic Level Adjustment (DLA) Speaker Level Audio Routing, Radio Frequency (RF), Infrared (IR), and Category 5 (Cat 5) digital distribution of audio and video. Organized in late 2005 as a development group, the company has been working on key products aimed at providing innovative, affordable systems for consumers. ATON, a division of ELAN Home Systems, LLC is based in Lexington, Kentucky, and sells through a distribution network to custom installers. To learn more, visit

ATON is a trademark of ELAN Home Systems, LLC, Lexington, KY.

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PHOTO CAPTION: ATON will showcase the DH44, America’s first DIGI-5 audio router, along with an HD Video Router, musician tuned Storm Speakers and their popular DLA analog audio routers at CEDIA, Sept. 4-7 in Denver, Colorado.
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