AICS Acquires OmniData Corporation’s Retail Inventory Operations

From: DeBolt Interactive
Published: Tue Mar 02 2010

An Addison Capital Partners'' portfolio company headquartered in Miami, FL, AICS provides inventory control, counting and reporting services of the highest quality to its clients in various industries.
Over the last 40 years, AICS has grown from a small family business into a multi site firm with operations across the Eastern Seaboard and the Caribbean. With a current workforce of approximately 500 people and state of the art hardware/software, the company’s services appeal to a broad range of organizations with considerable inventories, related data collection and servicing requirements.
RIO, a specialized division of OmniData Corporation, provides predominantly grocery and drug inventory services, covering the Mid-Atlantic region and into the Northeast. The staff is lead by a team of experienced inventory professionals dedicated to providing services of the highest quality, employing cost-effective methods and technologies.

This transaction strongly positions AICS for the future by combining two organizations with complementary geographic footprints, service capabilities and strong market channels says President, Frank Hopkins, Jr.

?"Specifically, the ability for AICS to now cover the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast will strengthen the organization''s position in multiple key markets in which we have seen sustained growth,” he explains.
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