is building authority as the go to place for ACDC shirts. They debut their website with free shipping offers and 15% off specials.

[USPRwire, Thu Jan 14 2010] Michael Price, owner of Omega Multimedia Group, is pleased to announce the official launch of made it’s first launch in September 2009, but has been re-released with better offers including free shipping on all items and 15% off purchases of three or more items using the coupon code: 15P.

?" is more than just another site that sells ACDC shirts. Our site aims to provide our customers with an experience. Not just a tshirt. We’re most excited about the release of several upcoming contests aimed at engaging ACDC fans and re-invigorating the fanbase.” was started from a deep level of passion. As a long-time fan of ACDC, the founder of the website chose to develop the business to connect with other ACDC fans, learn more about the band, and share information to others about ACDC through their social media platforms. There are so many uses for an ACDC shirt and it goes beyond just being the typical fan. An ACDC shirt can be worn, hung and framed as a work of art, or tucked away as a collector’s item. Not all ACDC fans share this same level of passion, but it is the mission of the company presenting to bring this level of passion and excitement for the band to others.

The typical band tshirt site only aims to make a sale and neglects to connect with customers, whereas has utilized the communication capabilities of social networking sites like Twitter to provide real value to fans of all rock music. It’s all about connecting.

?"We want people to recognize our brands as the authority for their respective niche, and we want customers to know they’re dealing with real fans, not just a business looking to make money. We are the authority for ACDC shirts, and it’s written quite simply in our name: The name says it all.”

COMPANY BLURB: is owned and operated by Omega Multimedia Group and is leading the way in changing the way music fans connect with their favorite rock bands by re-invigorating the fan base through the sales and distribution of band shirts. The simple mission of Omega Multimedia Group is to provide rock band fans with an experience instead of just a tshirt.

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