West Capital International Japan has been ranked among the top 20 companies for private asset management. The Tokyo based company outranked several well-known Grande dames of the offshore private wealth management industry.

[USPRwire, Mon Sep 03 2018] For the third year in a row, West Capital International Japan has been ranked among the top 20 companies for private asset management. The Tokyo based company outranked several well-known Grande dames of the offshore private wealth management industry. The survey is run annually by an association of tax lawyers specializing in offshore wealth management.

Top brass at West Capital International welcomed the recognition and paid respect to the other firms being ranked, showing grace in their praise of the high level of competition that keeps them on their toes. They expressed their appreciation for the tireless work they do to provide security for their clients, and how rewarding it was to be recognized by an association of likeminded professionals. The association of tax lawyers employed a rigorous selection process, scoring wealth managers in 17 categories divided among headings of service, returns and professionalism.

Individual investment advisors were especially proud of ranking first in terms of average duration of client relationships, and werenít shy in expressing how this should be the only metric that mattered. Private asset management is a highly trust oriented business, especially dealing with high net worth offshore portfolios. Clients in this realm employ a sophisticated team of professionals and many are initially reticent about showing their full hand to all the players involved. As relationships grow and trust is nurtured, investment advisors are able to better care for their clients and tend to their needs. Discretion, of course, is a hallmark of this intriguing industry.

West Capital attributes their success to the cumulative and varied expertise of their team members. The research department is ruthless in their investment selection, the traders navigate the markets with the agility of Baryshnikov and individual advisors protect their clients like mother bears. Ultimately, the success of the business comes down to the clients. Client relationships are built on trust, which evolves over time and is enhanced by efficient and timely service that includes friendly assistants and an efficient back office.
In addition to competing for clients and assets under management, the Company is always competing for the best and brightest employees. The market for top talent is competitive.

Hiring and maintaining the best involves establishing a culture that inspires people to thrive. Working towards common goals inspires team spirit and loyalty, factors that are as important to people as competitive compensation. The younger generation of financial professionals want meaning in their lives and feeling that one is part of a team working for the greater good of each and every client is something management is focused on inspiring. From the top traders to the back office filing clerks, at West Capital, everyone is reminded that they are but one spoke on a wheel, with the client always at the center.

This culture of collaboration is enhanced by a culture of diversity. The team emanates from diverse professional backgrounds and a range of different cultures. This is done intentionally, since in learning to work with people from various backgrounds, those interacting with an international clientele are more adept at servicing individual clients in the manner that makes them most comfortable. In building relationships, itís important to gear communication to the pace and habits that are comfortable to the client. Treating people with the same level of respect does not mean treating them the same, and cultural differences should be understood and respected. Managing money is very personal, and seasoned professionals understand this requires patience and sensitivity.

About us: West Capital International manages private wealth from their head office in Tokyo, Japan. Because we are independently owned, we are able to always put the needs of our clients first. Our international clientele includes individuals, private foundations, trusts and estates. Our world class financial professionals work tirelessly to ensure clients have the best risk-adjusted returns and red-carpet service. Our mission is protecting your capital, scouring the globe for the best investment opportunities while simultaneously ensuring your peace of mind and focus on personal life goals. While we treasure our long term clients, we welcome new business. Individuals interested in premium wealth management services are invited to contact our office and arrange to speak to a financial advisor. For more information, please see our website: www.westcapitalintl.com.

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