What does the future look like for Autodesk and BIM?

[USPRwire, Thu Jan 25 2018] The year 2017 was certainly an interesting year for Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) as the shares of the California based company shot up by 42% towards the end of 2017 as reported by Frisco Fastball. Frisco Fastball is owned and published by FriscoBall News Inc., USA, founded by a team of journalists, professional investors and traders.

Autodesk’s Investor’s sentiment was up to 1.42 in Q3 2017 as opposed to 1.19 in Q2 2017. 206.38 million shares were reported in Q3 2017 compared to 204.24 million i.e. 1.05 % more. The major investors include Vanguard Group Inc. (0.12% invested), Hitchwood Cap LP (200,000 shares), Mason Street Mason Street Advisors Limited Liability Corporation (30.248 shares), Liberty Mutual Group Asset Management (0.06 % invested), Cipher Capital LP (15,888 shares) and Fisher Asset limited (224,197 shares).

The sudden leap in share prices come after the company’s subscription business model began to gain traction adding 233,000 new subscribers in the first quarter and bringing the total to 1.32 million soaring 105.6%. The annualized revenue for Q1 2017 also stood at $692 million.

The increase in subscribers was primarily driven by the robust performance of BIM 360 and Fusion tools. This rise in subscriber base suggests that engineers, architects and designers are increasingly harnessing the power of BIM through Autodesk enjoying benefits like better control on cost, better coordination, reduced conflicts etc. An investment made in BIM is sure to pay off with its benefits felt in multiple disciplines, ensuring maximum return on investment.
What does the future look like for Autodesk and BIM? Globally, BIM (Building information Modeling) is becoming a mandate with countries including the USA, UK, Germany, China, Dubai, Singapore, France, South Korea and the Scandinavian countries already embracing the benefits of incorporating BIM. In the future, as the benefits of BIM become more apparent, more countries are likely to make it a mandate for all major projects.

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