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Published: Fri Feb 03 2006

www.HomelandDefenseStocks.com and www.NationalHomelandSecurityKnowledgebase.com, global investor and industry news portals for the homeland defense and security sector, present the Spade Defense Index Monthly Update.Track trends and stay up to the minute with events in the defense sector provided by Scott Sacknoff, President of the Spade Defense Index (AMEX: ^DXS) http://www.spadeindex.com.The Spade Defense Index® is a modified capitalization-weighted index comprised of publicly traded companies that benchmarks the performance of companies involved with the defense, homeland security, and space marketplace.

In his recent interviews Mr. Sacknoff discussed defense industry trends, the growing expectation for industry consolidation, the anticipated FY-07 Homeland Security Budget, as well the view that the run for homeland security is not over.

“There have been great gains in the past few years and many believe that a slowdown in growth is expected. Is the sector set to decline? I think it is unlikely. Just look at the world events in the past few weeks. Even as the administration states that we are winding down our operations in Iraq, new situations are arising. If anything, the region appears to becoming more destabilized. For those investing in defense and security and worried about an overall real-dollar reduction in the upcoming budget, it does not appear that this will be an issue,” states Sacknoff.

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