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Published: Tue Feb 21 2006

www.HomelandDefenseStocks.com and www.NationalHomelandSecurityKnowledgebase.com, global investor and industry news portals for the homeland defense and security sector, discusses the increase in the recently announced FY2007 Homeland Security budget and the movement by firms within this arena towards consolidation and product expansion.

In early February, President Bush presented his fiscal year 2007 budget request for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The request for $42.7 billion indicates a 6 percent increase in funding from the 2006 budget. This bodes well for companies operating in this arena, in particular those with technology surrounding surveillance, detection and identification products to assist in meeting the needs of border, port and transportation security and overall homeland security readiness.

Building product portfolios has become a necessary strategy for many firms working to address the growing needs within the homeland security arena. Dore Perler, CEO of Sense Holdings, Inc (OTCBB: SEHO) explains, “Today's terrorist activities are a global religious and political phenomenon encompassing a broad spectrum of national security threats. The only effective way to simultaneously confront all of these security threats is by the intelligent application of high technology.”

Sniffex, Inc. (OTC.PK: SNFX), a developer of a lightweight handheld distance weapon and explosives detection device explains their strategy for being able to expand their offerings, "As the expenditures for homeland defense continue to grow, the customers that we sell to through our worldwide Representative network are asking for more and more products to sell to their existing customer base. There is a huge demand around the world for products and services that can be used as a tool in fighting terror and crime. We believe that if one or our Representatives is selling Sniffex, they should be selling every other great tool in the arsenal of products and services for fighting crime."

Technest Holdings, Inc (OTCBB: TCNH) has been focused on diversifying their product base for many years to be able to target a variety of the nation’s security needs. As Robert Tarini, CEO of Technest describes, "Although significant progress has been made against terrorism in the foreign arenas of Iraq and Afghanistan by our combat troops, many security problems remain unresolved domestically here in the US, in our cities, federal infrastructures and borders. Many of these security problems will be solved by innovative technologies that can be delivered by fast and nimble companies with the ability to address multiple problems through a portfolio of solutions such as Technest Holdings.”

To Read the Homeland Security Industry Growth through Consolidation Report in Full Click Here: http://www.homelanddefensestocks.com/Articles/Consolidation.asp

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Featured Homeland Security Stocks: (HDS is compensated by Sniffex, Sense Holdings and Technest as disclosed in disclaimer)

SENSE Holdings Inc.™ (OTCBB: SEHO) is a provider of biometric solutions, and micro-sensor identification systems as well as enabling technology for explosives detection. Sense develops products targeting Homeland Security, and offers solutions that improve and secure many business, military, and personal processes. http://www.homelanddefensestocks.com/CO/SEHO/Default.asp

Sniffex, Inc. (OTC.PK: SNFX) is the manufacturer of a pocket-sized, hand held explosives and weapons detection device which operates through its ability to detect the presence of nitrous oxide (free) radicals within its effective range. http://www.homelanddefensestocks.com/CO/SNFX/Default.asp

Technest Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: TCNH) is committed to setting next-generation standards in defense and security through the provision of innovative emerging technologies and expert services. http://www.homelanddefensestocks.com/CO/THNS/Default.asp

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