Home Credit India, Gurugram Police launch Project Jagruk to Create Awareness on Preventing Financial

From: Home Credit India
Published: Tue Nov 28 2017

Home Credit India Finance Pvt. Ltd, one of India’s fastest growing non-banking financial company (NBFC) and part of Home Credit Group, has joined hands with the Gurugram Police for a unique campaign named Project Jagruk aimed at sensitizing and creating awareness among police personnel to help them tackle challenges and issues related to cybercrime and financial frauds.

The campaign was launched in Gurugram today in the presence of Mr. Sandeep Khirwar, Commissioner of Police, Gurugram and Mr. Pavel Maco, CEO, Home Credit India along with many other dignitaries.

Project Jagruk is a one of its kind unique pan-India initiatives launched by a non-banking finance company ever in India. The overarching objective of the programme is to build a sustainable and long-term relationship with law enforcement agencies, especially police forces from across different parts of India, by imparting training to police personnel in investigating complex cases pertaining to financial frauds and cybercrime.

“The last few years has witnessed a steady rise in cybercrimes and financial frauds not only globally but also in India. As financial transactions become increasingly technology-driven, they seem to have become the weapon of choice for fraudsters. In such a scenario, it is important for police personnel to have the right skillsets and training to investigate such cases. This important partnership with Home Credit India is a step in that direction, and will serve as a model for other corporates to come forward in the long-term,” said Mr. Sandeep Khirwar, Commissioner of Police, Gurugram.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Pavel Maco, CEO, Home Credit India, said, “We are extremely happy to partner with the Gurugram Police for this important initiative. As a responsible lending organization, we are confident that this campaign will enhance the knowledge and understanding of police personnel and law enforcement agencies on cybercrime and banking frauds. We also hope that this will help in creating the right ecosystem for an effective and sustained awareness campaign for the society as a whole.”

Project Jagruk is part of Home Credit India’s overall and broader corporate social responsibility initiative. The project entails training sessions on detecting and steps to prevent cybercrime, cyberbullying, online and banking frauds. The training sessions will highlight current prevailing trends through case studies and reference materials. This will provide them with all the pre requisite information and knowledge for carrying out investigations related to the fraud attacks. In the second phase, Home Credit India intends to expand this initiative to the colleges, institutions, schools and RWAs. Cybercrime covers a wide range of criminal activity ranging from malicious attacks like hacking, virus dissemination and software piracy to financial fraud like phishing, vishing and credit card fraud among others.

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Home Credit India Finance Pvt. Ltd. is a leading consumer finance provider that is committed to drive credit penetration and financial inclusion by offering financial solutions that are simple, transparent and accessible to all. One of India’s leading Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), Home Credit India has its operations in 89 cities across 19 states in the country. The company has a strong network of over 20,000 Points-of-Sale (PoS) where it services nearly 5 million customers through an employee base of over 19,000 as of date. Home Credit India has been recognized by Aon Hewitt as a Regional AON Best Employer 2017 for employer excellence.

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