Halloween horror: Fed slashes rates but is sterling the victim too?

From: World First
Published: Sat Nov 01 2008

The fed slashed rates by 50bps yesterday and sterling rebounded as a result. However, the greenback may not be the only victim of this unprecedented slashing spree. David Blanchflower, a member of the BoE monetary committee, again urged the UK to continue cutting interest rates to avoid a ‘long and deep recession’. With a 50 bps rate cut next Thursday already priced into the sterling crosses, any form of deviation from expectation could cause more volatility.

Senior Foreign Exchange dealer at World First, Craig Johnson, said, “With terrifying volatility in the major crosses it has never been a better time to consider prudently hedging currency exposure. With US interest rates having been massacred again by 50bps the UK and Eurozone are almost certain to follow suit. Although the dollar weakened overnight, I certainly wouldn’t bet on a sterling recovery and I fear that the dollar could well strengthen beyond all exception once the UK rate cut is announced next Thursday.”

This and today’s reported 15% fall in house prices puts further pressure on the UK economy and fuels the fire of the gloom and doomsters. Happy Halloween one and all.


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