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From: Barclaycard
Published: Thu Feb 15 2007

Barclaycard is currently offering customers a 6.9 per cent rate on new balance transfers until the amount is paid off in full.

Consumers are always looking for ways to get the most out of their credit cards, but still move ahead with their payments. However, it's not always so simple, especially with rising credit card rates around every corner. Moreover, many credit card companies offer interest free or low introductory rates to attract consumers, only to raise the rates after several months - ultimately overturning any consumer savings. But keep in mind that not all credit card companies are alike: Barclaycard is different.

The latest offer which is to be made available until the end of February, means that new Barclaycard customers can take advantage of a great money-saving opportunity: a low percentage rate for the life of a balance transfer. Any new transfer will be subject to a low balance transfer rate of just 6.9% until the entire amount is paid off in full, so customers won't have to worry about rising rates "unravelling" any initial savings. Moreover, there's no handling fee - so Barclaycard customers are guaranteed to save.

Clients can transfer their outstanding debt from any other card, provided that the total does not exceed £5,000 or 90 per cent of their new credit limit. Moreover, they can browse the Barclaycard credit card range, obtain up to date information through the available online credit guides and even register for an account online - so the experience is guaranteed to be as quick and hassle-free as possible. However interested consumers need to act fast, as this latest Barclaycard offer is only being made available until the end of February.

About Barclaycard
Barclaycard is a multi-brand international credit card and consumer lending business; it is one of the leading card businesses in Europe.
In the UK, Barclaycard manages the Barclaycard branded credit cards and other non-Barclaycard branded card portfolios, including Monument, SkyCard and Solution Personal Finance. In consumer lending, Barclaycard manages both secured and unsecured loan portfolios, through Barclays branded loans, being mostly Barclayloan, and also through the FIRSTPLUS and Clydesdale Financial Services businesses.
Outside the UK, Barclaycard provides credit cards in the United States through Barclaycard US, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Scandinavia and across Africa.
Barclaycard Business processes card payments for retailers and issues purchasing and credit cards to business customers.

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