Annuity Leads, the Alito Hearings, and Ted Kennedy

From: Prospects-to-Profits
Published: Mon Jan 30 2006

"The Alito Hearings on Capitol Hill are great lesson on what NOT to do with your annuity leads and insurance leads," states Tom Marshall, President of "Your insurance sales career is in jeopardy if you follow the example of Senator Ted Kennedy and others."

While watching the Senate confirmation hearings, counted the actual minutes each senator spoke. In a typical 30-minute time period, the senators spoke for 26 minutes and Judge Alito answered questions for four minutes. If you are doing fact-finding with a client, this is the total reverse of how much time you, as the advisor, should be talking.

As a financial advisor, you should be asking questions and listening. In any 30-minute period the client should be talking for 25 minutes. That's how you find out the facts. If you're talking the majority of time in client appointments, then you're grand-standing like the Senate blowhards. Don't show the client how much you know. Show them how much you care by listening. For more information on how to effectively close more sales visit or .

Make sure you ask the questions and sit back and listen. The only reason to speak is to ask a follow up question. It's too bad the Senators haven't figured that out.

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