ARAG White Paper Profiles Legal Needs for Four Generations of Americans

From: ARAG
Published: Sat Aug 29 2009

What does a twittering 20-something from Generation Y have in common with a rolling stone from the Baby Boomer generation? More than you might think when it comes to families, finances, homes and other personal matters.

”Across the generations, we care about the people and things most important in our lives and careers, and want to ensure they’re protected for the future,” says Ann Dieleman, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for ARAG®. ”We live in a complex society and legal events can occur to anyone at any time, regardless of life stage, life style or personal circumstances.”

A Russell Research-ARAG study, “Legal Needs of Today’s Multi-Generational Workforce,” reports nine out of 10 Americans are concerned about personal matters from a legal standpoint, and seven out of 10 people experienced legal needs in the past year.

”While many legal needs are universal, the ‘Generations Study’ shows there are generational differences, as well,” states Dieleman. For example, according to the study, Generation Y is more concerned with family matters such as marriage and having children, Generation X with child support and custody issues and Baby Boomers with the care of aging family members. In financial matters, the older groups (Generation X, Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation) are more concerned with estate planning (wills, living wills, power of attorney, estate plans and trusts), while the youngest group (Generation Y) is more concerned with credit issues.

A “Generations Study” white paper that summarizes results for the four generations comprising the 21st century workforce is now available, at no charge, at ARAG’s web site (

ARAG, a global leader of legal insurance, has an international premium base of more than $1.79 billion and protects 15.5 million individuals and their families ??" worldwide. ARAG offers comprehensive legal plans that provide a smart and trusted path for resolving legal issues. This enables people to protect their families, finances and futures.

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