AEX Commercial Financing Group Expands Commercial Finance Consulting Practice

From: AEX Commercial Financing Group
Published: Thu May 07 2009

Due to ongoing disruptions in financial and credit markets, most commercial loan and commercial mortgage programs continue to be negatively impacted. To help commercial borrowers throughout the United States cope with the confusing business lending climate, AEX Commercial Financing Group is immediately expanding their commercial finance consulting practice. Business finance consulting assignments to be undertaken by AEX will cover the most troublesome business financing issues currently confronting small business owners.

According to Stephen Bush, AEX Founder and Chief Executive Officer, "AEX Commercial Financing Group is immediately devoting increased resources to ensure that we will be able to assist small business owners as much as possible in their critical efforts to resolve commercial finance complications that have emerged during the current financial crisis. Business debt refinancing, identifying new sources for working capital loans and avoiding SBA loan problems are three of the primary business funding issues to be resolved by AEX for our clients. In addition to expanding our business finance consulting practice, we have also reduced fees for our services in order to make both AEX commercial loan programs and AEX consulting more affordable for business owners throughout the United States."

More detailed information is available at the main AEX website regarding their services:

In addition to providing business consulting services and small business loan programs, AEX publishes a comprehensive commercial finance resource, The Working Capital Journal, which should be helpful to most small businesses. The Journal is available online at no cost:

Business owners and their advisors are encouraged to contact AEX Commercial Financing Group for more details. Please contact Stephen Bush at AEX to obtain candid working capital and business finance advice.

About AEX Commercial Financing Group:
AEX is based in Ohio and provides assistance for small business loans and business finance consulting throughout the United States. Primary AEX financing programs include working capital, purchases, construction, business refinancing and business cash advances. AEX also has a commercial finance program for SBA loans and SBA loan refinancing. AEX Commercial Financing Group publishes several sources of candid information about commercial loans: The AEX Working Capital Loans Guide, The AEX Commercial Mortgages Guide and The Working Capital Journal.

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