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Published: Thu Aug 21 2008

There’s more to buying a car than just kicking the tires and making sure the stereo system has sufficient wattage. Far more.

For that matter, there’s way more to selling a car than just hyping the standard features and pushing an options package or two.

And the man who knows that better than practically anyone is Ted Lindsay. Ted Lindsay has spent more than 35 years of his professional life working on both sides of the automotive industry (from the factory end to doing retail sales in car dealerships); and in that time, he’s seen just about every gimmick and sales technique known to salesmankind.

Armed with three dozen years of insider knowledge, Ted wrote his first best-selling book, Insider Trading (along with co-author Larry Bush). Released in February 2007, Insider Trading is both a how-to guide for the automotive sales professional and encouragement to car buyers to experience the fun ??" nay, the utter joy ??" of buying a car.

Two months later, in April 2007, Ted Lindsay struck gold again with the release of his second top-selling book, The Encyclopedia of Selling Cars. Like its predecessor, The Encyclopedia of Selling Cars is a kind of compendium of information for the successful car salesman ??" indeed, anyone involved in the art of salesmanship… from mindset techniques to the step-by-step process of professional sales.

This isn’t just another tired, old, dry-as-sawdust tome about the mechanics of selling. Endorsed by some of the auto industry’s top sales organizations, it’s a dynamic, information-packed, fun-filled excursion through the world of professional sales ??" and how to do it right. But be warned: When you pick up this book, get ready for a personal-growth spurt! This book will leave you changed… for the better.

In addition to Insider Trading and The Encyclopedia of Selling Cars, Ted Lindsay has assembled his years of automotive-industry sales knowledge into a professional automotive sales training package. He conducts these intensive, one-day seminars (on-site, if requested) for those already involved in the car-sales field as well as those who wish to enter the automotive-sales industry.

This one-day seminar covers every facet of professional car salesmanship, leaving participants armed with the knowledge they need to take on the top sellers at any dealership in America. And for the automotive-sales newbie, this seminar provides every tool you need to immediately land a position in the highly competitive and profitable field of professional automotive sales.

If a one-day seminar doesn’t fit into your plans, Ted Lindsay is also offering his industry expertise in electronic format… as a CD-ROM set. This complete sales training course provides everything you need to know about the automotive sales industry ??" in one convenient audio set. Broken down into manageable segments, you can learn at your own pace.

For immediate access to Insider Trading, The Encyclopedia of Selling Cars, the intensive one-day training seminar and the CD-ROM training course, visit his new website at, call (352) 817-5032 or email Ted Lindsay directly at

About offers car buyers and sellers alike the kinds of inside information that is critical to getting the most car for your buying dollar. Ted Lindsay has spent 36 years in all aspects of the automotive buying and selling industries. His new web site is a prime source for the information garnered from those three dozen years. For further information about Ted Lindsay and his “InsiderTrading” web site, please visit
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