AutoNet Financial Turns Down Offer to Sell Company to Offshore Ad Agency

From: Auto Financial Dealer Marketing
Published: Thu Sep 25 2008

AutoNet Financial is the auto financial site that has a heart for people that have bad credit but need a car. They are experts at pre-arranging your financing at a dealership so everything is ready and set to go when you walk through the door. That can arrange special finance options for those with low credit scores and they work hard for you. They get loans for their clients at surprisingly low rates. They want to make your experience an easy going and positive no matter what your credit history and score. The representatives do a lot more than gather your information and pass it on to the dealers and lenders.

They build a customer profile for you and work directly with the lender and dealer to get the best deal for you. When AutoNet Financial is on your side the problems of unfriendly responses from car dealers doesn’t materialize. They make sure you are a larger variety of car makes and models. They help you re-establish your credit bringing your credit score up. Buying a car with their help is an important step in improving your credit score. When lenders check with credit bureaus they pay particular attention to car and home loans. The representatives strive to make your experience free of hassle and to make sure that both parties benefit from their services. It isn’t any wonder that the testimonials about AutoNet Financial give the company such great kudos.

CEO Mark Hergert states “it has the best twelve years of my life working with the automobile dealers nationwide supplying special finance leads from our own network of sites and had thought long and hard about the possibility of selling his company for and offer of more than 13 million dollars”

“After thinking about it for about three months and after several meetings with the offshore company he decided that AutoNet Financial was born American and it will remain American,” said Mark Hergert CEO.

It is an excellent advantage to those needing a car loan that has bad credit or no credit that Mr. Hergert didn’t sell his company. He cares about people that have credit problems and need a car. He is a guy that can walk in their shoes and more than a mile. He will still be at the helm of this most helpful company, which means that those in need of real help can breathe easy. He can also be appreciated for his patriotic stance concerning his company. Mr. Hergert can be contacted at
Company: Auto Financial Dealer Marketing
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