ATCOA Delivers The Original Dual Piston Air Sander For Fiberglass Repair Specialists

Published: Fri Jan 28 2011

ATCOA delivers the original dual piston air sander for fiberglass repair specialists. Auto body craftsmen seeking the Super Viking Dual straight line air sander are turning to ATCOA. ATCOA delivers unmatched durability. ATCOA offers the Super Viking Dual straight line long shoe sander for fiberglass repair specialists. Just a little longer stroke means smoother operation and less fatigue. ATCOA is noted for giving years of reliable service. For additional information, auto body craftsmen are invited to visit the company web site at

Auto body repair is just part of the story for the original ATCOA Viking Dual Straight-line Air Sander. They are also a big part of customizing and automotive art. The ATCOA Super Viking Straight-line Air Sanders are designed to outlast the original ATCOA Vikings that are still in use 47-years later. Knock-offs may look the same on the outside but the difference on the inside make all the difference. The ATCOA Super Viking straight line air sanders come with a standard 3-year warranty. Production was suspended in 1987 on the original Vikings. Then came ATCOA's Super Viking followed by the ATCOA Viking Dust-Free System. The original ATCOA Viking Dual Filer/Sanders are now back in production in 2011.

View the video demo on the web site and see the the ATCOA Super Viking Dual in action. It was the ATCOA reputation that the knock-offs wanted when they copied the design of the original ATCOA Viking. Will they copy the new Super Viking Dual too? ATCOA offers The original dual piston air sander for fiberglass repair specialists. You can once again order an ATCOA Super Viking Straight Line Sander; the Super Viking Dual, at

ATCOA, Inc., is the recognized leader in quality, durable, industrial grade, straight line air sanders. They introduced the first in the class with the Viking Dual Filer/Sander in 1963. Today ATCOA introduces an upgraded and performance enhanced Super Viking Dual straight line air sander with dual piston power, and long shoe blocking. The new Super Viking Dual offers traditional ATCOA reliability and nexGen performance. It has a Patent Pending special sanding blade that delivers a 36/80 grit surface without sandpaper in seconds. The new blade eliminates filler dust and allows 100% recycling of unused fillers. ATCOA straight line long shoe air sanders have set the industry standard. ATCOA, Inc. has served the auto body repair industry for over 47 years, building a solid reputation for service, quality, innovation and competitive pricing. ATCOA also offers service and repair on genuine ATCOA Vikings.

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