Farmers Must Respond to President Obama's State of the Union Speech

From: Family Business Strategies
Published: Tue Jan 26 2010

If farmers have learned anything about politics during President Obama's first year in office it is that their voices must be heard. Heard regularly by each of their representatives in Congress and anyone else who will listen to them.

This month's election in Massachusetts and the general attitude of all lawmakers in Washington since then has clearly illustrated that America's voices are actually being listened to.

Wayne Messick, publisher of comments, "It is the job of those people we send to Congress to represent our wishes, not the other way around. And it is our collective responsibility to tell them how we feel about the decisions they are making on our behalf."

The Internet empowers farmers, no matter how remotely located, to connect with their elected representatives instantly. If they hear a position being discussed on the radio while driving home for dinner, they can let their feelings be known immediately, while their coffee's still cooling.

"Farmers need to be able to reach out to their elected representatives quickly, simply, and at no cost. That's why we added a keyword searchable directory of links to government agencies and individuals to our web site," explains Vic Romano, managing editor at Family Business Strategies. "It is as simple as clicking the link to Government Loans, Grants, Congressional Contacts & Agencies in the Resources area and typing the word 'congress' in the search box."

Complaining about politicians with whom we disagree is a full time job for many Americans. Bragging about the brilliant and insightful strategies of who agree with them provides hours of passionate discussion as well. Administrations and individual politicians come and go, and the heated conversations continue.

But it must not stop there. Farmers know that our country is at risk, important decisions will be made in Washington, DC, with or without their input. The future will the result of those decisions and there is now a simple free process to help them be an active participant in the discussion.

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