BeddingPro® — The Ultimate for laying down straw and silage to assist farmers.

[USPRwire, Tue Oct 07 2008] Traditionally, someone wanting to break down a large round straw bale for whatever reason; animal bedding, berry plant coverage or even erosion prevention, had to physically beat the bale apart or use a bale busting machine requiring a lot of horsepower, resulting in dust, noise, and inconsistent coverage.

Paul Fox of Double R Manufacturing based in Central Prince Edward Island, Canada, was approached by a neighbor in 2001 with a wish list for a piece of farming equipment. He needed a compact bale shredder requiring minimal horsepower that would handle round bales as well as smaller square ones with consistent coverage and distribution. All of this, while keeping down dust and noise as the machine moved.

After several rebuilds and redesigns, the BeddingPro® bale shredder was born.

BeddingPro® is a 1000 pound machine used for spreading large round bales of hay, straw, corn silage, silage or canary grass. It handles bales from 5 1/2 ft. wide to 6 ft. high. While it was originally built to service farmers in the vegetable and livestock industries, other sectors such as landscaping, and environmental land recovery for mining and oil companies have been enjoying the innovation as well.

Response over the past 7 years has been overwhelmingly positive as buyers become more aware of the BeddingPro® and its ability to spread round straw bales evenly and consistently.

The shredder will fit on a 40hp tractor, operates with a minimal amount of dust and noise, and distributes product as the machine moves. It is about 5ft. sq. and weights about 1000 lbs, and runs by pto or hydraulic power. It can handle frozen or old round bales effectively.

Strawberry growers who use small square bales use 18 bales for 500 feet of coverage. The BeddingPro® using an equivalent 5 1/2-ft. round bale, will cover 1,500 ft.

“I purchased my BeddingPro® a few years ago after contracting my straw spreading to a large-scale bale processor and that didn’t work out very well,” says Claude McCardle of PEI’s The Berry Patch. McCardle grows eight acres of strawberries as well as low-bush blueberries and raspberries at his farm. He discovered the BeddingPro® after searching for a straw spreader that he could use with his 50-horsepower tractor. He goes on to say, “The big advantage with the BeddingPro® is I can use my own tractor. Those bale busters require at least a 90-horsepower tractor. My straw coverage is now perfect.”

Individuals from environmental groups doing composting, beef and dairy farmers, and those in the mining and oil industries all agree the BeddingPro® is used very cost effectively in site rehabilitation efforts where even coverage and well-spread product is important to the application. Because of consistent spreading and uniformity of coverage, a third less product is used compared to other spreaders. Double R Manufacturing’s patent pending design has the BeddingPro® at the forefront of round bale distribution.

Several attachments can be run with the BeddingPro®. These include a self-loading system and one that can self load and hold a second bale. A fan spreader that is used for covering, for example, fresh grass seed or spreading over large areas is also available.

For more information, testimonials, or to order your BeddingPro® visit the website, or call Paul Fox at 1-888-658-2088.

ABOUT BeddingPro®

Double R Manufacturing’s flagship product, the BeddingPro® is "The Ultimate for laying down straw and silage”. It can be used for traditional farming applications as well as with berry crops and vineyards, even mining, environmental and oil industries. The BeddingPro®, developed in Central PEI Canada by Paul Fox uses a rotating drum and bale assembly kit which automatically chews and fluffs straw and silage as it's laid, resulting in extended changing times and fresher bedding.

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