Science + Fiction teams with Spore Media to produce 4 commercial campaign for Planetwide Games

From: Spore Media
Published: Sat Mar 11 2006

Spore Media, provider of video production services, was chosen by Kevin Townsend of Science + Fiction to collaborate on a 4 commercial campaign for Planetwide Games. The purpose of this project was to announce the release of Planetwide Games' massive multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) "Risk Your Life". The campaign aired on the big screen at Regal Cinemas nationwide.

The production required Spore Media, in conjunction with Science + Fiction, to direct the gamers as they navigated through the online virtual reality atmosphere engaging other players in battle and showcasing the fantastic 3D landscapes. Once the desired game play was captured to DigiBeta, Spore Media jumped into the edit bay with Science + Fiction and Planetwide Games to edit 2 30 second spots and 2 60 second spots. From fast paced action to dramatic atmospheres, Spore Media was able to create the perfect mix of elements that everyone involved had requested.

"Directing gamers in a diverse real time environment can be challenging. You have to adapt your thinking to a world and characters that have limitations you do not have to consider in real life," said Jim Mutter, Spore senior partner. "I couldn't have asked for a better team to be working with. Collaborating with Kevin from Science + Fiction and the team at Planetwide Games was truly a pleasure and I look forward to future projects with them."

Spore Media ( was founded in 2004 by a team of award winning media professionals. Spore Media provides their clients with an array of services in the video and media industry including television and commercial production, corporate and industrial videos, video news releases and graphic design.

Science + Fiction ( combines the worlds of Marketing, Strategy and Entertainment Creation. They work on behalf of brands to better promote their message through a variety of traditional and non-traditional means that run the gamut from conventional advertising to forward thinking concepts such as Branded Programming through interactive communication.

Planetwide Games ( is a provider of innovative games and application software. The Company's games and applications easily integrate with portals and major game developers, or can be sold separately through digital downloads and box sales at retail locations.
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