Holy Cow Branding Announces Call for Submissions to The UpBeat Sound

From: Holy Cow Branding, Inc.
Published: Sun Apr 19 2009

Holy Cow Branding, Inc., a full-service strategic marketing firm, announced that they are requesting submissions for consideration for their blog, The UpBeat Sound.

The UpBeat Sound blog was created as a resource to share positive events happening throughout the country. The blog was launched in March of 2009 and has already had hundreds of visitors.

Those interested in submitting should send an email to upbeat@holycowbranding.com or call Kim Caroselli at 919-342-3349. Submissions can cover a wide range of topics, including businesses that are doing well, personal success stories, community service projects and humorous stories. With permission, names, links and location will be
included with each posted story.

“Our intention with The UpBeat Sound is for it to be a place where people can actively share their good news or experiences. It has gotten a tremendous amount of traction in a short amount of time,” said Lorana Price, CEO of Holy Cow Branding, “but we would really like to see more people sharing. The blog is not for us. It is to help bring a little joy to others.”

About Holy Cow Branding, Inc:
Holy Cow Branding is a full-service marketing firm that works with mid-sized businesses to help them execute their strategic plans. Their breadth of industry experience and emphasis on strategic thinking before creative execution enables them to be a resource for a variety of organizations, providing services such as marketing communication, brand strategy and graphic design. For more information about Holy Cow Branding, call (919) 342-3349 or visit www.holycowbranding.com.

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Company: Holy Cow Branding, Inc.
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