Hartness International Chooses Touchpoint Energized Communications for Email Marketing

From: Touchpoint Energized Communications
Published: Sun May 16 2010

Touchpoint Energized Communications is pleased to announce that Hartness International (www.hartness.com) has chosen the Touchpoint Energized Communications Touchmailer™ system for their monthly email newsletter service.

John Judy, President of Touchpoint Energized Communications, said, “Our clients are seeing a tremendous benefit by using the Touchmailer™ system which allows you to create, send, and track colorful, graphical, email newsletters, brochures, and alerts, thus providing a whole new level of interactive, personalized, and targeted communications to your customers, prospects, or members.”

About Touchpoint: Touchpoint is your source for direct email marketing solutions, tools and services that allow you to communicate effectively with your opt-in email lists. Our custom-designed email templates help your email campaigns come alive and set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Our email campaign tools and services are used by all types of organizations and are also 100% CAN SPAM compliant. Our services include: Opt-In email marketing tools, marketing automation, email deliverability consulting, email newsletters, email newsletter composition, interactive demonstrations, online surveys, landing page design and web design.

If you are interested in learning more about improving efficiency and effectiveness of your online communications - with measurable return on investment, contact us via email at sales@touchpointec.com or by calling 864-467-0686, (www.touchpointec.com)

Scott Smith, Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing of Hartness International said, “Touchpoint’s Touchmailer system has greatly increased the quality of our contact with our clients. It has enabled us to be more targeted in our outreach. Touchpoint’s turnkey approach has also allowed for a simple process for our marketing team. By allowing us to track specific client “click-through” data, we can better analyze interest in our products, accomplish more targeted follow-up, and better understand how to craft our messaging. Without a doubt, Touchpoint makes us more effective and efficient and has enhanced our customer’s experience.”

About Hartness: Hartness International Inc. is headquartered in Greenville, SC and provides equipment and services to a number of clients in the consumer packaged goods segments. With installations in over 50 countries and a constant stream of innovative products hitting the market, Hartness needs quick and effective communication tools to reach its diverse client base.

For more information please contact John Judy by calling 864-467-0686 or 864-363-5982 or via email at johnjudy@touchpointec.com. www.touchpointec.com

Company: Touchpoint Energized Communications
Contact Name: John Judy
Contact Email: johnjudy@touchpointec.com
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