Harris Marketing Group, Inc Uses the Reverse Funnel System to Make Successful Sales Without Selling

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Published: Wed Nov 05 2008

It was only July 16th, 2007 when George D. Harris, President of Harris Marketing Group, Inc. was first introduced to the Reverse Funnel System. Upon embracing this new technology, Harris built one of the top Internet marketing teams in a home-based business opportunity that has paid out well over $14.85 Million in commissions in its first year. Harris attributes his newfound success to two key factors: the Brand and the System.

Harris has a Very unique system in place that makes sales without actually having to sell. Harris just advertises the Reverse Funnel System to as many people as possible and the system does the qualifying, the presentation, and the selling.

“Initially, I embraced the old-fashioned way of getting leads,” says Harris. “I’d make 200 calls and get hung up on 150 times. After that, there are more calls and follow-ups, and I might get two or three people to actually purchase the product in the end and it’s a tremendous product,” says Harris. “Our product has been selling retail since 1986. What the Reverse Funnel System does is to take the person out of the sales process and also takes the phone out of my hands,” says Harris. “It allowed me to stop making those hundreds of calls and made sure I only spent my time on the phone with people who are already part of my team and we just discuss advertising strategies and ideas.”

The Reverse Funnel System utilizes Web marketing to its fullest extent. The process starts when a person opts in with their name and email address, and this then triggers a set of automatic e-mails to be sent. These e-mails are part of each affiliates' marketing system and essentially move people forward thru the system. Eventually, prospects end up at an application page, where they have the option of continuing on with the system by paying a fully refundable $50 application fee and then by filling out a survey. This survey is directed to the affiliate who owns the landing page as well as to the corporate office in Scottsdale, AZ, and then the prospective member’s potential is evaluated and they are either sent a link to continue, or refunded their money. “All you have to do is get your landing page in front of as many people as possible,” says Harris “After that, it’s basically a system of evaluation, not sales.”

So how do we evaluate the first year of George Harris’ business? How about a whopping $190,804 in the first year utilizing this system. What does it mean to utilize this system? There is a corporate office in Scottsdale, AZ that has web designers and copywriters constantly working on new and improved landing pages. Sales staff to answer any questions that prospective business owners may have prior to joining, which takes the phone out of his hands. Marketing and success partners to assist with all aspects of the business in every way, shape, or form.

“Ultimately, Systems Work and People Fail,” says Harris. “That’s the core value of our business, and that’s why this system has succeeded for people of all walks of life.” When evaluating any business, two questions have to be asked: How long has the business been around and what type of income has it produced? Well the fact is, the Reverse Funnel System wouldn’t be here if it didn’t exceed both of those standards. How so? The Reverse Funnel System has been operating now for over 16 months on a global basis and has generated over $14.85 Million in commissions.

The Reverse Funnel System streamlines the sales process. As George and thousands of other affiliates worldwide can attest, the Reverse Funnel System is certainly a system that works, and there is always room for new members on Harris' team. “Despite all the things that make this opportunity unique, the same principles of business still apply,” says Harris. “People who come on board and treat it like a business have it pay off like a business. If treated like a hobby, it will cost you like a hobby.”

So, how does Harris treat his business like a business? “The $1000 per sale is great, no question. But when evaluating bringing someone on board, I’m not just looking to make my commission. I’m looking to make many more down the road by assisting my team from the viewpoint that if they’re not successful, then I’m not successful.”
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