Godvernment: Government as God - a new book from Tom Sheppard promises to offend nearly everyone

From: A Plus Results LLC
Published: Thu Nov 03 2016

A+ Results is pleased to announce the publication of Godvernment: Government as God by Tom Sheppard. This is the 36th title from Tom Sheppard and his first book about politics and religion.

This book will upset many people, be they Christians, Atheists, Democrats or Republicans.

The USA has been moving away from the principles of self-reliance and the worship of God and steadily toward the notion of reliance on government to meet our needs. This has precipitated a growing conflict between God and government.

Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton has been cited declaring that the people need to give up their religious convictions when they conflict with government dictates. The underlying idea of this statement is that government is the correct arbiter of morality, not religion. Replacing God with government is Godvernment.

For more than a year Tom has been authoring articles on his politico-religious blog, MyGodandGovernment.com. He has been outspoken in his criticism of the trend of Christians toward embracing socialist solutions to the problems of mankind.

Available in both paperback and ebook (through Kindle), Godvernment points out how Christians are abandoning Christ as their Savior and embracing Godvernment. Godvernment is not just being championed by apostate Christians, it is the avowed goal of atheists, socialists, communists, liberal-leftists, and progressives since Karl Marx first published the Communist Manifesto.

Religion and political parties have betrayed the tenets of the US Costitution to permit this dissolution of the barrier between church and state. As Godvernment becomes the religion of state our First Amendment rights will evaporate under pressure from a deified government.

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