With the competitive nature of internet marketing companies, it can be difficult to find an affordable internet marketing and web design service. A new company is working to change that by offering prices well below the going rate. The company offers a professional service that startup companies and big businesses alike can afford.

[USPRwire, Fri Jan 16 2009] Blue Cow Online (www.bluecowonline.com) noticed there was a need for affordable internet marketing and web design that companies of all sizes could benefit from. They noticed that while the internet is a platform that allows businesses of all sizes to compete, small businesses were not getting the representation they needed because of the expensive prices of internet marketing and web design companies. The company points out when small businesses get the exposure they need, they can grow into a much bigger business.

They came up with a business plan that would allow them to offer the same services as the expensive companies, but at a fraction of the cost. They were able to do this by keeping their overhead costs down and putting the owners of the company to work. Unlike other internet marketing and web design companies out there, Blue Cow Online has a vested interest in the work being performed, as the founding members are a central part of the internet marketing and web design team.

Each member of the team has a specialty, from writing, to web design, to marketing. Because of the wide range of knowledge the team members possess, the company is expected to explode on the internet marketing scene.
They offer packages to give customers the full internet marketing experience, and they also have individual services for those who want to buy one or two of the affordable internet marketing and web design services.

Blue Cow Online specializes in company branding. From custom logo design to website development, copywriting, and article distribution, they work to get the name of their clients into the mind of the public.

For more information about pricing and services, visit the company online at www.bluecowonline.com.

Blue Cow Online was founded in order to meet the need of the public for an affordable internet marketing and web design company. They company works with businesses of all sizes in order to provide the services they need in order to gain an online presence. Those interested can get a quote within the same businesses day.

Contact Information:
Amy Cox
Blue Cow Online, LLC
Jackson, MS

Company: Blue Cow Online, LLC
Contact Name: Amy Cox
Contact Email: amy@bluecowonline.com
Contact Phone: 601-750-7923

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