Aerial Advertising Bowls Over The Competition

From: AirSign Aerial Advertising
Published: Sun Jan 25 2009

Even with the economy faltering, businesses are expected to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to sell their products at Super Bowl XLIII. The wide open Raymond James Stadium will make aerial advertising an effective way of reaching the 75,000 fans present, not to mention the many people living, vacationing, or tailgating in the area.

Many corporate giants opt for the thirty second television ad, hoping to make a lasting impression on consumers. Fox Sports reports those spots are selling for $3 million a pop - up slightly from the $2.7 million of last year. Research shows in the past 20 years, America's corporate leaders have spent 1.84 billion dollars advertising during the game. Some question if this is the best way to capitalize on the world's hottest sporting event.

Aerial advertisers claim they can help make an impression that will last a lot longer for a lot less money. Their planes will take to the skies over Florida several days before Super Bowl, pulling a banner or billboard that is clearly visible to all below. AirSign's Patrick Walsh says fly-overs start Wednesday, January 28th. Many companies choose to advertise via banner towing daily, while others opt for some "air time" just prior to kick-off on Sunday, February 1st. Though laws forbid direct flights over the stadium, the banner advertisers say that nearly everyone in the area will see their message.

Aerial advertising providers claim no one can resist the allurement of an ad being pulled through the sky. The message is brief but repeated as the plane flies over the area a number of times. The sound of the plane draws attention to the message flying by, but unique messages are the ones people talk about at the water cooler for weeks after the game.

Aerial ads may also attract the attention of a TV camera, multiplying the target field. It is a memorable advertising means guaranteed to be seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

How effective is aerial advertising? Robert Prevost, founder and CEO of raves about his results saying, "Flying a massive banner … through the years has produced over 50 million quality impressions and driven hundreds of thousands to our ecommerce website and provided steady growth in our business volume."

AirSign ( sees the Super Bowl as a premier venue for its clients, some of which are Holiday Inn, Pulte Homes, Hollywood Video and NutriSystems. They can produce or fly custom letter banners and logo boards of various sizes and prices. While others are spending millions in hopes of being seen and remembered on TV, those opting for aerial advertising will spend far less but still reach a large audience. It is a unique, but proven effective means for getting a message out, and businesses know this is the week, and the place, to do it.

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