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  • Low CAPEX and Low Operating Costs Make Glycol Dehydration Unit Immensely Popular Among Stakeholders

    Glycol dehydrators have been the most prevalent equipment to remove water from natural gas streams. Triethylene glycol dehydration units are widely used in the oil and gas industry owing to its low CAPEX vis-à-vis solid bed systems and low operating costs compared to conventional desiccants. Apart from obliterating water from a natural gas stream, glycol dehydration unit have been ideal at eliminating toluene, benzene, xylene, ethylbenzene along with other VOCs.

    (Filed: Fri Jul 26 2019)
  • Usage Based Insurance Market - Stakeholders Acknowledge Potency of Telematics Data

    Monitoring the way people actually drive has stemmed more invaluable indicator as tracking whether policyholders take turns to sharply or stop short too often, the sorts of conditions they drive in and even if their vehicles are aptly maintained takes center stage. The predictive potency of the telematics data has been undeniable as insurers focus on assessing and facilitating the huge amount of telematics data produced by the usage based insurance market to propel their UBI-based models. As such, using telematics to aid drivers enhance their performance and avert accidents.

    (Filed: Fri Jul 26 2019)
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